Friday, May 17, 2013

Meet you at Limerick Alley

I LOVE this photo that I found on Wikimedia Commons: Joe Malone's Pub, Denmark Street, Limerick, May 1982.  (Photo taken by Sean an Scuab.)  Complete with dapper Irish gentleman and "Children Crossing" sign, could there be a more perfect visual introduction to my newest feature on Today's Little Ditty?  I think not.

Welcome to Limerick Alley!  

Ah limericks!  Lilting, roll-off-the-tongue-and-dance-a-little-jig ditties that will steal your heart with five lines, a quick wit, and a pint of good cheer.  While Joe Malone's Pub was demolished c. 1990, may Limerick Alley always be a community gathering spot where children (and adults who appreciate children's poetry) can come play with words, rhyme, and meter!

As with Haiku Garden (have you checked out Laura Purdie Salas' golden haiku from this past week?), Limerick Alley will be only as lively and colorful as the community it represents.  If you are interested in sharing a limerick of your own, please contact me at michelle (at) MichelleHBarnes (dot) com, or by commenting below.  It will be my pleasure to feature you and your blog!

And now, without further ado, today's little ditty...
          Grandpa Joe Shears

          A barber named Grandpa Joe Shears
          Had a habit of snipping men’s ears
          Took most by surprise
          He was blind in both eyes
          But too old to go changing careers

                                        © 2013 Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

 Gerry's Barber Shop, Wikimedia Commons, by Ardfern

Ahhh... 'tis a fine day for poetry, indeed.  
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