Friday, May 10, 2013

Love you, Mom

Today's little ditty is for all the mothers out there, and dedicated, with love, to my own.


She cooks the roast
And washes dishes
Offers hugs
And healing kisses
Does the laundry
Drives the car
Chauffeurs kids
Both near and far
Cleans up messes
Packs the lunch
Laughs a lot
And smiles a bunch
Helps her children
Learn and grow
And when it’s time
She lets them go.

© 2008 Michelle Heidenrich Barnes.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Exactly right! I love especially that last, although tough, 'letting go'!

    1. Thankfully not there yet, but with a preteen and new teen, I know it's coming. Sigh...

  2. Well said! (That really is how it goes!) Thanks for participating in Poetry Friday!

  3. You had me at the first line :). Nice to visit your blog. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. And now I must confess, I have never actually cooked a roast in my life. My culinary specialties lie elsewhere. ;)

  4. That pretty much sums it up! This is lovely, Michelle. My boys are only three, but I'm already terrified of the "letting go" day. I won't do it, I tell you!!

  5. Yes, she (we) do all these things and when the time comes, we let them go, on their own two wings. But they never truly leave you. I am so happy to have three good friends in my adult daughters. The relationship changes and grows; it never goes away.

  6. Yes, she lets you go, but she NEVER stops crying at the front door as you drive away!!

  7. Oh my, but this made me tired! I remember all those things, am grateful to have had them done for me, to have done them myself, and now can enjoy just watching the lives of my grandchildren. Whew!