Thursday, October 25, 2018

DMC: "Conversation on a Darkening Day" by Buffy Silverman


I dress up blue skies
with castles and dragons,
rabbits and spaceships,
pirates and swans,

until I grow heavy,
turn weepy and gray.
My tears rattle rooftops
and wash over lawns.

               Don’t hold back your tears,
               your gray weepy ways.
               Let your castles collapse
               and fall to my crown.

               Your dragons tame fires
               and quench thirsty roots.
               Keep wailing and weeping,
               keep soaking my ground.

© 2018 Buffy Silverman. All rights reserved.

Calef Brown has challenged us to write a poem that tells the story of two anthropomorphized objects. They can be an odd couple, close friends, mortal enemies, or meet each other for the first time. The poem can be about an adventure they have together, a conflict, a game they play, anything. Click HERE for more details and to read this month's Spotlight ON interview.

Post your poem on our October 2018 padlet by October 31st. While some contributions will be featured as daily ditties, all contributions will be included in a wrap-up presentation on Friday, November 2nd, and one lucky participant will win a signed copy of Calef Brown's latest collection of ghoulish poetry from Carolrhoda Books:


  1. I love both parts, Buffy, but that final verse is marvelous, perhaps because we could use a few dragons around here in Denver. Lovely rhythm to read aloud!

  2. I love your unique approach to this challenge, Buffy. There's something so comforting about your poem. Not to get too shmoopy here, but I think what I love most is the voice of the Earth, like a mother to a child, saying it's okay to cry. Well done, you!

    1. So that's mother earth in the second half?! I see now that you're right. But I thought I was writing a conversation between clouds and tree. Thanks for sharing my poem and for setting me straight!

    2. Haha! That's the sign of a great poem, isn't it? It can have different interpretations depending on the reader. (Speaking for myself, I depend on that!)

    3. I always hesitate to give my interpretation of a poem for fear of getting it "wrong," so really love this discussion!:)

  3. Castles collapse ... ♥️
    Such a thoughtful and lovely poem, Buffy. I also thought clouds and earth. Loved the feeling of consolation and connectedness.

  4. So lovely! Beautiful language and images.

  5. Lovely! I admire your skill with rhyme and meter. Delightful.

  6. Ah, Buffy. Love it, love it, love it. Perfectly done. Thanks.

  7. This is lovely. My cloud-watching/imagining students will enjoy this!