Thursday, June 10, 2021

Filling the Well: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Steve Powers, and Mariel Waloff

SCAD, Atlanta Campus

Poetry is eternal graffiti 
written in the heart of everyone. 
– Lawrence Ferlinghetti
                                                           Poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"Love on the El"
A documentary slideshow by Mariel Waloff
based on Steve Powers' A Love Letter For You.

Love Letter is “a letter for one, with meaning for all” and speaks to all residents who have loved and for those who long for a way to express that love to the world around them. He [Steve Powers] considers the project “my chance to put something on these rooftops that people would care about.”
Photos by Lindsey T...

Click HERE to read more about Steve Powers Love Letter project.
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  1. Yes, poetry for All! Intriguing project Michelle, seems like it's getting the public's interest too–thanks for sharing all!

  2. I love this project! I want us to do it in Denver!

  3. Thanks, Michelle. I love driving through our city to see what people are saying. These are wonderful, hopeful!

  4. I love those love letters for all. Yes, city art should be in all the cities. It gives people beauty and hope.

  5. This is a cool project. My son painted two murals on buildings in a nearby town. It's a fun way to expose a lot of people to art, and in this case, poetry too! Thanks for sharing the love, Michelle.

  6. Michelle this is so cool! I love the video. And, the idea of poetry as graffiti...written on the heart. Well, that's a bit of genius. Thank you for this little journey on my computer. It's soul filling.

  7. This is a great project. It does lift moods to see something playful, unexpected and we need more of that. I loved the video.

  8. Very cool! (and just FYI -- you DID inspire me to reread The Phantom Tollbooth! Thanks!)

  9. Michelle, thanks for sharing this amazing project. I especially love the Deep Desire Mural- "Art changes lives...". I think I shall use that thought in my own graphic art work.

  10. I love how art helps people connect.