Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Two Line Tuesday: Karl Groos

"Timeline: Literary Edition" by Tabatha Yeatts (click on image to enlarge)

We do not stop playing because we grow old, 
we grow old because we stop playing.

– Karl Groos 

Variously attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Oliver Wendell Holmes, 
Herbert Spencer, and George Bernard Shaw, but The Play of Animals by Karl Groos (1896) 
is likely the original source.

Tabatha Yeatts has challenged us to write a poem about people (or animals or inanimate objects) and a game. It could be a board game, a sport, a fictional game—any kind of game—and the narrator could be in the middle of playing it or teaching you how to play or telling how it went very wrong or the poem itself could be a game. Read Tabatha's reader spotlight HERE and add your poem to this month's padlet.


  1. Cool quote! (What a lot of attributions!) All credit to Elena for the box and the card layout.

  2. Let's keep playing! Love the quote and Tabatha's "Timeline: Literary Edition," and arrangement, thanks Michelle, Tabatha, and Elena!