Monday, March 30, 2020

DMC: "The Game of Getting Lost" by Elizabeth Steinglass


Under the palms and banana leaves
along the winding trails,
I ran ahead of my mom and dad
and found myself alone.

On my own in the giant world,
I chose which way to go.
I crossed the swaying wooden bridge,
I passed the waterfall,

I smelled the lemony golden elves,
I petted the pompom tree,
and when I felt I’d been gone too long,
I turned myself around.

Spying my parents along the path,
I skipped away again,
playing the game of getting lost
within the greenhouse walls. 

© 2020 Elizabeth Steinglass. All rights reserved.

TLD reader Tabatha Yeatts has challenged us to write a poem about a game (any kind). Click HERE for more details and to add your poem to the padlet. You can read all of the poems contributed this month HERE.


  1. Such an enchanting place to get lost, Liz! I love all the details about what she sees on her adventure.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I really did do this in the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I have no idea if my parents had any idea what I was doing.

  3. lol! I've gotten lost before. But, it wasn't as fun as this. Great poem. I love the lemony golden elves best!

  4. When you have a good imagination, you can invent a game wherever you are! Getting actually lost is scary, but play-lost is beautiful. Thanks, Liz!

  5. I think a little part of me still does this every time I enter a botanical garden greenhouse.

  6. The safety of the greenhouse walls makes getting lost joyful, Liz. I want to pet a pom pom tree! :)