Monday, May 22, 2017

DMC: "A Season of Poems — a Quartet" by Jane Baskwill


Poems in Winter

Poems in Winter are
Slow to rise,
When storms rattle the window panes,
And wind whistles through cracks,
They shiver and shake and hide undercover,
Not wanting to come out,
Not willing to leave their nest,
Until lured by the snap-crackling of a promise,
Drawn to the warming intoxication of the hearth,
Cold hearts melt as icy fingers thaw,
They curl up by the fire momentarily,
Poems in Winter

Make good kindling.

Poems in Spring

Poems in spring are hopeful,
They start as small shoots to be nurtured
And protected from the whims of nature,
Some germinating too early,
Catching the gardener unaware,
Some awakening from a winter’s rest
Only to die from joyful pruning,
Some growing rapidly,
Taking over their assigned space,
And spreading into others’,
Forcing their presence,
In need of shaping, tending, taming,
They seek attention, consideration, celebration,
Poems in Spring
Rejuvenate the spirit.

Poems in Summer

Poems in Summer
Are a procrastinator’s dream,
They lie about on porches or swings,
Or in the shade of a tree, dozing,
With their eyes closed against the brilliance of day,
When summer breezes blow,
They drift into neighbour’s gardens,
Waiting for someone else to find them,
Caring not for the woes of the world,
Nor if they should live beyond today,
Poems in Summer
Are lazy.

Poems in Fall

Poems in Fall
Explode with colour and embrace their calling,
They drop from leaf-laden trees
Without care or misgiving,
Coming to rest with joy and abandon
They are propelled along pathways and old railway beds,
Moving briskly with stalwart determination,
They gather in piles and heaps, on stoops and verandas,
Impatiently demanding to be,
Poems in Fall
Have an urgency.

© 2017 Jane Baskwill. All rights reserved.

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  1. Bravo! Nicely done --- all four seasons. I especially like the line about winter poems being good kindling. What a wonderful image and sound to that. It's hard to chose a favorite season. I like them all! But, I probably identify the most with lazy summer....closing my eyes against the brilliance of day.
    Wonderful writing.

  2. Whether warming by the fire, surprising the gardener, lazing about, or determined and demanding of attention, each season of poems comes alive in this beautiful quartet, Jane. Lovely!

  3. Taking us on your poem journey through the year is marvelous, Jane. I love each small part that brings that season to life. This could be a beautiful picture book!

  4. What a fantastic quartet. Thank you so much, Jane.

  5. Bravo Jane! You paint such beautiful pictures with your poetry

  6. The quartet brings the seasons to life Jane. Thank you.