Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DMC: "Hello Mr. Snail" by Jan Gars

Many of you will recognize Jan's name as a regular DMC participant. I'm sorry to say, this is the last month he will be contributing to these challenges as he passed away last Friday from a massive heart attack. From his obituary:

Jan was a jack of all trades and a true renaissance man/ MacGyver as he was called by his children. He was a lover of both plants and animals, owned a working farm and was cultivating his own orchard. His veterinary practice, Oak Ridge Animal Hospital, served the Ocala, Florida community for 35 years.  He has always been a lover of the arts. In the 1990s he hand-made dolls and sold them at art shows. He has always been a painter and poet and in recent years he also started writing children's books including The Enchanted Rocking Horse: A Collection of Childhood Dreams.  

Jan was a good friend. I will surely miss his kind spirit, lively sense of humor, and beautiful way with words.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.  ~Michelle

Hello Mr. Snail,

Are you hiding in your shell?
Or, dwelling in the garden
The place you love so well.

Your skin is very slimy,
Antennae on your head.
Gliding ‘cross the mucous
On leaves of green and red.

Beware the lurking robin
Or a feast you’ll be.
Stay tucked within the foliage
Deep within the tree.

But if you choose to crawl,
Please hurry as you go.
Advice from your good friend.

U.R. Slowe

© 2015 Jan Gars. All rights reserved.

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  1. Michelle, I'm sorry for this news of your friend. It's a loving poem, actually, and tongue-in-cheek of course. Jan has given importance to the lowly snail. What a nice thing that he sent you a poem.

  2. How very sad, Michelle. What a great poet he is. This is lovely. He has achieved an awful lot.

  3. So sorry to hear of Jan's passing, Michelle. It does sound like he was a renaissance man--how nice that he found inspiration and a place for his poetry on your site! Thank you for sharing his charming snail letter.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that, Michelle! My thoughts are with you, and his family. It's a sweet and funny poem :(

  5. What marvelous and numerous gifts he gave others during his life. I'm sorry he's gone so soon.

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry about Jan's sudden passing. He seemed like a very talented fellow.

  7. Thank you Linda, Catherine, Buffy, Maria, Keri, and Tabatha. Your thoughtful comments are appreciated.

  8. So sorry for your loss. It is a lovely poem. Thanks for this post.

  9. What a visually rich poem, and his signature U.R. Slowe was the icing on the cake! Big sigh and a hug sent to you, and thoughts to his family.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear this, Michelle. The death of a friend has its own special pain.

  11. Michelle, I'm so sorry. This is a sweet, funny poem.

  12. Thanks for your kind words Rosi, Michelle, Diane, and Liz.