Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DMC: "Dear Cat" by Katie Gast

Dear Cat,

I love you on my lap.
I love to hear your purr.
But must your play involve a snap
And what’s with all the fur?
Oh queen, aloof. You go your way
You barely look at me.

Best regards throughout your day,
Your slave eternally.

© 2015 Katie Gast. All rights reserved.

David Elliott has challenged us to write a letter poem this month.  Click HERE for details.

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  1. Exactly right, that 'love eternally!" I also love that it isn't all perfect.

  2. Purrrfect, Katie! (I know you were expecting a dorky pun from someone... it may as well be me.) Especially loved "Oh queen, aloof" and "Your slave eternally."

  3. Very nice, Katie--I agree with Michelle about those two lines. Definitely the cat's meow.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I actually took the advise on the blog and read up on cats (even though I thought I knew everything about them). I learned that a queen is a female cat and that helped me with the ending. Katie Gast

  5. Another fun poem--I agree, it's "purr-fect" ;)

  6. Perfectly adorable. I love "Your slave eternally" especially. Thanks for sharing it here.