Thursday, November 20, 2014

DMC: "big hairy spider" by Diane Mayr

big hairy spider
on the bathroom floor
...I put on a boot

© 2014 Diane Mayr. All rights reserved.

Bob Raczka has challenged us to write a monster-inspired haiku this month.  Click HERE for details.

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  1. Or, in my case, cover it with a bowl and wait for someone else to deal with it. Yes, I'm a wimp... but at least I'm a wimp that appreciates masterful (and monsterful) haiku. Thanks Diane!

  2. I missed this, Michelle! I know you told me! I've been rather scattered this week. Thanks for posting it. It's based on a true story. And the spider went crunch...

    1. Oh, Diane, what a brave soul you are! In future, may the only crunch you experience be your morning cereal.

      So if you missed the post, then you also probably missed the teaser on my FB writer's page: "Yesterday, a tarantula-inspired tarantella. Today, reality steps in...literally." ;)

      (Make sure you check "get notifications" on my FB writer's page, so next time you can get that automatic reminder!)

  3. I would put on my boot, too!!! Love this, Diane!

  4. Oh, somehow this slipped by me last week, like a spider...
    Effective on several levels, Diane!
    I usually try to relocate spiders to the outside (if they'll crawl on a broom and stay there). Have also used the bowl method, or a shoebox, if I need reinforcements....